Tesla 150w Touch screen Tc Digital Box Mod

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Tesla 150w Touchscreen Tc Mod, All new Touch 150W TC screen is larger,  2.4inches, and has a standard resolution, 240*320 pixels. The state of art UI is easy to adjust the wattage or temperature value, feature rich and high quality.
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Tesla 150w Touchscreen Tc Mod

The Tesla Touch has an amazing 2.4" SUPER IPS TOUCH SCREEN!

All new Touch 150W TC screen is larger,  2.4-inches, and has a standard resolution, 240*320 pixels. The state of art UI is easy to adjust the wattage or temperature value, and it will stop running automatically switch off after 10 minutes.

On the main menu, locking/unlocking screen, wattage/temperature adjustment, resistance fine-tune, VW/TC mode Switch function are available. When screen locked,you can still vape. To get into device, slide the scroll bar to the right. Or if you want to lock your device,please click the lock icon. In order to avoid wrong operation,once you press the fire button screen will be locked automatically.  And if you want to adjust wattage/
temperature/resistance, please click the corresponding value. You can also easily switch VW/TC mode by clicking the wattage/temperature value.

Click the set icon, you can enter into function settings. It provides powerful functionality,including lock vaping, resistance lock, material set, speed mode, memory and TCR. Please choose the atomizer corresponding material:Kanthal/Ni200/Ti/SS316, if you set a wrong coil materail, screen will prompt "Temp Protect" when press the fire button, device will jump into VW mode and output wattage will change to 20W. With the new TCR(Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) function available on device, you can customizer it as you like.

Set the screen automatically sleeping time:15sec/30sec /45sec /60sec /Always/Never. If you want to jump out “Always” sleeping mode, press the fire button 3 times in quick succession, and the screen will prompt “Dark Screen Vape OFF“. Touch 150w TC is support English/Chinese language menu switching. And, we are going to post other country language packs on our website, like French,German,Spanish,Dutch,Russia,Italian language. You can choose suitable language to update your device.

Software update includes system firmware upgrade and wallpaper update. When device connected to computer‘s usb port, device will let you choose firmware upgrade or wallpaper update. We will upload new firmware version or wallpaper on our website periodically, users can choose to upgrade or update. You can also view our official video to learn about the operation steps: http://www.teslacigs.com/download.html
This screen protective film will be much better protecting against scratches. The picture below demonstrates how to use it correctly.

Multiple protections built into the chipset such as low voltage protection, atomizer short-circuit protection, reverse connection protection, Material set wrong protection, over puffing protection, and upgrade protection. With these important features implemented into this product, users can feel safe every time they use this product.


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